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Country Club decides to reduce its debt

Country Club Hospitalities & Holidays Ltd 

Established in 1989, the Country Club Hospitality and Holidays Limited (CCHHL) is a pioneer in the concept of offering 360° leisure hospitality membership services in India. A full range of Country Club speciality services include member exclusive clubbing hubs, splendid holiday destinations, trendy fitness centers and star-studded entertainment events.

The Country Club has over 50 ownership clubs, resorts and hotels in India, Middle East, Bangkok and Sri Lanka. Also, It offers over 25 member exclusive fitness centers and over 4000 holiday exchange associates and Country Vacations global hospitality associates. The massive network consists of social clubs in urban hotspots, city-centric luxurious hotels, serene wellness rejuvenation hubs, beachfront resorts, hilltop vacation homes, wildlife jungle lodges and water amusement parks.

Dubbed as the Powerhouse of Entertainment, The Country Club celebrates several global festivals by inviting leading movie stars including the likes of Sharukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Mika Singh, Honey Singh, Govinda, Usha Uthup and Yana Gupta etc to perform exclusively for its members. Also, the network frequently organizes various family amusement events including Live Musical Nights, Food Festivals, Magic Shows and Tambola.

To provide round-the-clock seamless member services, the Country Club offers exclusive Mobile App and a web portal to address real-time holiday reservation, payment transfer, customer grievance and membership data updating facilities.

Financial Results on a stand alone basis

View in (Million) Prior Period
(in Cr.) 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Income Statement
Revenue 293.29 273.18 321.41 318.74 228.07
Other Income -39.20
Total Income 293.29 273.18 282.21 318.74 228.07
Expenditure -234.78 -220.13 -242.23 -223.56 -158.42
Interest -39.85 -40.60 -41.09 -27.23
PBDT 18.66 12.45 39.99 54.09 42.43
Depreciation -19.71 -19.00 -28.23 -23.65 -19.45
PBT -1.05 -6.55 11.76 30.43 22.98
Tax -9.60 -4.74 -10.80 -13.61 -11.55
Net Profit -10.65 -11.29 0.96 16.82 11.44
Equity 32.69 32.69 32.69 17.89 17.89
EPS -0.59 -0.69 0.11 1.88 1.28
CEPS 0.55 0.47 1.79 4.52 3.45
OPM % 19.95 19.42 12.44 29.86 30.54
NPM % -3.63 -4.13 0.30 5.28 5.01
Detailed Detailed Detailed Detailed Detailed
Consolidated Consolidated Consolidated Consolidated Consolidated

Financial results on a consolidated basis 

In short the present market cap is about Rs 210 crores ( 16 crore shares @ Rs  13 ), BV is Rs 65 , Loans are about Rs 400 crores and Tangible assets about Rs 1400 crores. Consolidated EPS for FY 2015-16 is Rs 1.75 and P/E of 7.5 while Mahindra Holidays and Resorts P/E is 30+.

Buy at CMP for 2 year hold .

This report has been prepared solely for information purposes and the information contained herein may not be deemed to be an investment advice. Such information is impersonal and not tailored to the investment needs of any specific person. The information contained herein is not a complete analysis of every material fact representing any company, industry or security. The views expressed may change. While the information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, no responsibility (or liability) is accepted for the accuracy of its contents. Investors are advised to satisfy themselves before making any investments and should consult with and rely upon their own advisors whether and how to use such information in making any investment decision. Neither the author nor his firm accepts any liability arising out of use of the above information









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