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NICCO CORP- a dark horse in Cables and EPC Projects

NICCO CORPORATION established in 1942 is a widely respected Indian industrial powerhouse. Headquartered in Kolkata, the group is involved in a wide spectrum of activities including production of POWER CABLES, executing turnkey projects, providing engineering services, operating and setting up amusement parks and delivering HR and IT solutions.

Cable Division ::Nicco Corporation Ltd. (Nicco) and Hitachi Cables, Japan, have signed a MOU confirming their intention to jointly develop and pursue business opportunities in the Indian Cable Market with focus in the speciality cable segments. The resulting joint effort would take advantage of Hitachi’s superior know how and technology in design and materials and Nicco’s longstanding marketing expertise and knowledge of the Indian Market..

Company caters to the niche requirements of:

Aircraft & Air Field Cables –Conforming to various International Specifications.
Fire Retardant Low Smoke Cables (FRLS) – Fire Retardant cables with low emission of smoke and toxic fumes both for Power & Control applications.  

Fire Survival Cables – Cables with special characteristics in addition to low smoke emission and low halogen properties to maintain the circuit integrity to essential services under severe fire conditions.

Automobile Cables – Electron Beam Irradiated Thin Wall Cables to opearte at 125 degree celcius having XL-PVC & XLPE insulation.

Oil Rig Cables/Cables for Oil Exploration Elastomeric insulated and HOFR sheathed screened and unscreened cables for Rigs. Seismic cables for Seismic Survey logging cables for Wells. Submersible cables for Pumps used in Wells.

Copper Conductors – Rods, Wires (plain or tinned), solid or stranded or Rectangular Conductors, and Flexible Wires.

Cables For Cranes – Power and Control cables – Elastomeric – EPR or Butyl Rubber (BR), or PVC insulated & sheathed for all types of cranes in steel plants and in other heavy industries. Festooned Cables for Cranes.

Elevator Cables (lift Cables) Elastomeric – EPR or Butyl Rubber (BR), Elastomeric or PVC insulated cables with Central Hauser, Braided or Unbraided Flexible Cables for Elevators.

Furnace & High Temperature Cables – Butyl Rubber, EPR, EVA, Varnished, Cambric, Class Fibre and Asbestos insulated sheathed and PCP, CSP, Nitrile Rubber, EVA sheathed for Furnace and for High Temperature applications.

Marine Cables (Ship wiring Cables) – Varnished Cambric insulated, lead or PVC sheathed armoured/unarmoured cables. Elastomeric (EPR, BR, SBR) insulated, PCP, CSP, Nitrile Rubber, LSZH Polyolefin sheathed, Steel Wire/Copper Wire braided/unbraided solid type or flexible type cables for Power, Control, Communication, lighting applications. Conforming to various Admirality specifica- tions. American Bureau of Supply (ABS) and Llyods Register of Shipping (LRS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Indian Register of Shipping (IRS), Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) etc.

General Cables & Flexible Cords – PVC insulated Wiring Cables for Domestic Wiring, domestic appliances. Elastomer Insulated Flexible Cords. PVC Insulated Flexible


Nicco Project Division has established its credentials as a leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor serving the oil refining, oil & gas handling and processing, chemical and petrochemical industries. Catering to a wide spectrum of core sectors, the Division has, over the years, built up a formidable reputation in comprehensive project management, technology sourcing, planning and implementation of large value projects.

Client list includes ONGC,IOC,GAIL,SAIL,EID PARRy , NPCI just to mention a few..

Buy around its BV of Rs. 5.2 is recommended for LT..


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