Mantra to create wealth: see an opportunity where others see none

Prosperity,success and wealth comes from innovative ideas,initiative,and endurance to stand through rough and tough times.During the last one month many investors have seen their networth depleting by as much as 40%. However success begins with the ability to see an opportunity where others see none.We invite the attention of our readers /friends /investors to our earlier recommendations and the prices they were recommended at.We suggest that these companies shares can be purchased at our old recommended prices:

1. Marson Ltd.          recommended in Nov 2007 at Rs. 4.    Price touched high of Rs. 16

2. Facor Steel           recommended in Oct 2007  at Rs. 4 .  Price touched high of Rs. 18

3. Supreme Petro      recommended at Rs.24.           Price touched high of Rs.51 Now buy at Rs. 23

4. Shivalik Bimetal    recommended in Aug at Rs. 15     Price touched high of Rs.34

5.Software Tech Group STG  recommended at Rs.13    Price touched high of Rs. 44

6. Laffan Petro   recommended at Rs. 20   Price touched High of Rs. 40  Now buy at Rs. 18

7. Clutch Auto    recommended at Rs. 115    touched high of Rs. 170        Now buy at Rs. 72

Its possible that some of the prices have still not bottomed out.However we consider it very difficult if not impossible to locate the bottom,and in doing so we may miss the bus.Some experts are of the opinion that the market will take a U-turn in May 2008. So you still have a few months to see an opportunity where others see none and pick some of the under-priced stocks which will create wealth for you in 2008.


4 thoughts on “Mantra to create wealth: see an opportunity where others see none

  1. murali says:

    hi ur calls r gud iam tracking past few months keep going cheeeeers. Gud hard work god bless u to serve more & to indentify more stocks.


  2. Hi Murli,

    Thanks for your blessings.We are blessed when our work can bring a smile on someone’s face and cheer in someone’s life. Keep smiling and stay cheerful.


  3. muthu says:

    Hi Ashok,
    I have read Intelligent Investor. I have got the wisdom of investing. Iam now looking for books and contents related to real valuation of companies. Is Security Analysis book recommended?

    As Security Analysis book is a tomb, can you please specify more specifically the chapters useful. Also, any case studies are there to grasp the real company analysis.



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