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SRF LTD. a blue chip in the making

major player in refrigerant gases, coated fabrics,industrial synthetics,packaging films,belting,pharma chemicals etc. with expected turnover of Rs. 2000 crores for FY07, PAT of Rs. 310 crores, EPS of Rs. 48 is available at a P/E of just 3.1. Co’s top line growth rate YOY is more than 40% and its bottom line growth is expected to be 200%.Time to pick up this undervalued share is NOW, before 25th April.On 25th April, the co’s board will meet to declare final dividend along with the audited accounts for FY07.It has already declared 40% interim dividend and may declare another 40% thus making it 80% or more than 5% dividend yield. Catch it first thing on 23rd April, before it takes a quantum jump from its CMP of Rs. 148.


3 thoughts on “SRF LTD. a blue chip in the making

  1. Shikha Dhawan says:

    As far as the technical view is concerned, that also corresponds the fundamental view. According to the recent price movement of SRF Ltd., it seems that it is on the beginning of the third Eliotte wave, which is supposed to be the longest wave ,where price movement makes a peak level.


    BUY : It is at a very good buy level.
    Bullish long term view.

    Sell : First target may come after a little correction. Level is Rs. 200.i.e. sell @ 200 ,next target can be 258.


    Support Level : For short term, Rs. 115 is the support level, which was previous strong support level for the time being.

    Resistance Level: Again for short term Rs. 180 is one resistance level subject to previous resistance levels. Then Rs. 200 can be the next support level for the time being.


    Don’t Buy below 130 Levels. Beyond this there could be start of a bearish trend.
    Stay invested till it reaches Rs. 200 level. This was previous resistance level.
    If Rs. 200 level is breached then next target is Rs. 250 levels.


  2. Hi Shikha,
    Thanks for your Technical feedback on SRF.You seem to be a great chartist and a Technical Trends expert.Pl keep up the good work
    Ashok Dhingra


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